Public Golf Course – make the right choice

Chances are, if you are just starting out, you have not yet decided to apply to a luxury country club but so you can play their amazing courses, right? That’s a very good idea, because there might be several public golf courses close to you that are just as great and much cheaper too! Do you think Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson started a private course? I doubt! Although we can’t all have the status of Woods or Mickelson, we can make sure we don’t have an argument with our wallets every time we want to hit the course for some practice time in the driving range or to get in a relaxed round.

Pointers For A Good Choice Of Golf School

Of course, the first thing you want to check on a public golf course is the course itself. Find out how many holes have – some courses only have 9 and, to play a full 18 holes of golf, you only go around twice. Walk a few holes and see the course. Check to see if it looks well maintained. Is it luxurious and even green? Is it rude bearable? Does it look like they regularly fix wrapping holes? There is nothing more discouraging for a novice golfer than playing a course that ends up being too difficult just because of poor maintenance. While a poorly maintained program can provide a lot of entertainment value – you know you look funny when you swing away in a bunker – they don’t provide as much “good” experience for beginner golfers as well cared for of course it will.

Which brings up another thing to check, round fees. You will find some big differences in the cost of course, and many public golf courses offer a reduced rate at certain times of the day and during the off season.

How Do Golfers Choose a Course?

Furthermore, a few additions can be very helpful for your game! Most beginners spend too much time on the practice of putting green and not nearly enough time on the Driving Range. Make sure the course you choose has adequate driving range. It doesn’t matter if you can putt like a pro if it takes you six strokes to get to green in par 3 holes. Along with the range of driving and practicing greens, you might find public golf courses that have green chipping or practice bunkers. These can all be great features to help you improve certain problem areas in your game. And that’s what it’s all about.

Finally, Check Out the Clubhouse. No, I didn’t mean to find out whether the bartender is handsome or a funny waiter. Learn Does the course have a Pro shop, and whether Pro Golf runs it. Ask about their qualifications – most of us think of the word “Golf Pro” and immediately think of PGA, but not all Golf Pro are registered with PGA. In this case, not all Pro Golf are very well qualified to teach. Ask if the lesson is offered or if the Golf school is related to the course.

The secret to finding a good public golf course is to shop around. Check out some of the courses in your area and don’t worry about whether they are listed in some who are public courses. Just do your homework and choose the one that best suits your own needs. This will make for a much more enjoyable experience and maybe even lower your score!

And remember – bad choices can get you the same results as Hank Aaron, the world famous baseball player who once said, “It took me 17 years to get 3,000 hits, but I did it one afternoon on the Golf Course!”

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