Golf Workouts for winter

Winter golf practice is a great approach to taking advantage of the time you have now available to improve your golf because you don’t play as much, if not at all. This is a way to stay connected to your golf game when you cannot play due to conditions (snow, temperature, ice, etc.).

Do you go into depression mode when winter hits and you can’t play Golf anymore? I knew this use happened to me until finally I moved to a nice climate all year long. This transition from playing golf regularly to nothing can be sad at all.

What do you do with all the time you have now because you don’t play?

The answer? Golf practice for winter! This is your “off-season” and like most athletes they work on their bodies to take their game to the next level. This is the time where you evaluate your game and work on your weaknesses.

The common denominator for most golfers, especially senior golfers is “physical ability”. This is your current level of golf special strength and flexibility. It is very unlikely you do not have physical limitations in Golf Swing. 80% or more of amateur golfers play with injuries during the season. This will tell me there is a physical problem.

What better time than winter to do golf exercises to greatly improve this situation. No reason. You have the time and hopefully you have the motivation to improve your game. You just have to prepare a game plan in terms of your golf practice for winter.

The first step is to get a physical evaluation carried out to diagnose your current level of fitness specifically for Golf. Golf exercises are becoming so popular you can’t miss searching for information about them.

How to Build a Winter Golf Training Program

After you get your Golf fitness evaluation, assess the areas that most need a job and spend most of your time in the area. Most likely this will be your flexibility and core strength. These are two very common areas that are lacking and can make the most impact on your Golf repair.

You will be surprised at your progress if you stay with it through the whole winter. The first time you step in the range, you will feel like a different golfer. This will be like an “Out-of-body” experience. You will soon realize that this is what you have been missing all along.

So when you put them club for winter and go into depression mode … remember this article and start your golf practice for winter.